(actually though, if you come in my jeep there is mud in there from mudding with the doors off. But hey it gives it character am I right?)

I’m a New Jersey based wedding and elopement photographer documenting the madly in love & adventurous couples who ain’t afraid to get a little dirt or mud on them





My boyfriend Manny used to be the other half of this business doing videography but he is now pursuing his dreams and is in the police academy! I love this man with my whole heart and admire the heck of him. He is brave, honest, loyal, caring, hilarious, adventurous and the best dog dad out there. He pushes me to be the best version of myself. He is my shoulder to cry on when I have breakdowns about being stressed or I let my fears creep in my mind and he is the one who encourages me to keep following my dreams!! I am so thankful to have him fully supporting me in this business.

I looveee tattoos and the stories that come with them. Whether that is an emotional story or you just thought it looked freaking awesome, I LOVE it!

My Dog and dogs in general are so important to me and hold such a special place in my heart that I in fact have an entire half sleeve dedicated to my current dog and my childhood dog who I grew up with who has passed. I cry over my own dog, Jungi, at least three times a month because he is seriously the sweetest little lovebug ever.

I love coffee, eating nachos with my best friend, blaring country music while driving, and going off-roading with Manny. I love cozy nights at home watching scary movies, shopping at tj maxx, going to our local drive in theater, and eating bbq food. I live for adventure, exploring new places with Jungi and Manny, living in the moment and watching sunsets.

My passion and the reason I do what I do is because of your love story!!

I am WHOLEHEARTEDLY here for you. I fully invest myself in every one of my couples journeys. I am here to make you laugh, be a helping hand when wedding planning gets stressful, make you feel comfortable, and provide you with the best experience possible.

I am all about living in the moment, capturing the real and intimate moments and fully sticking to my promise of never having you do corny poses. Sooo let’s meet up, chat about dogs, our favorite adventures and your vision for your day and become besties!! I am seriously so excited to learn more about you and be apart of this magical experience with you!

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